Mittwoch, 17. April 2013

Easy Colorful File

Hi everyone,
today I want to show you how to make your home a little more colorful.
I am sure many of you have plain looking files in your shelves. So I got the idea of making those pop out a little.

This is what you'll need:
- plain file
- liquid adhesive
- brush to spread the glue
- colored paper of your choice
-  rolling cutter/scissor to cut the fabric
- 2x fabric (that you like) in the size of the front of the file just with about 2 inches (5cm) on top, bottom and one side spare to wrap around
- two sheets of old papers
- pair of scissors
- masking tape of your choice
- cutter
- pencil
- water resistant pen

How to:

Spread out the papers and put your opened file on top.

Measure your colored paper so that it covers the back of your file and has some spare sticking out on each side.

Look for the loop on the back and push the paper a little down where it is going to sit. A slight fold will appear which you can cut it out then.
Cover the back with a small amount of the glue evenly.
Put the paper on top and sweep over it to prevent any air bubbly and to make it even. Then fold down the sides of the file and push the paper down there, too.
Once the outside has dried a little, open the file.

Push in and glue the remaining paper. Wait till it dried
Now to the fabric and the sides of the file:
Cover the BACK of the file with glue.

Spread the fabric over itm making sure that there is fabric sticking out on every side EXCEPT the one close to the middle! The one close to the middle should finish nicely with the fold, without any excess.
Once the outside fabric dried a little it's time to strech the fabric over the edges and glue it on the inside, the same way as on the outside.
WATCH OUT: Once you reach the corners cut out little squares, so it's gives it a nicer finish.
Let it dry.
Put the other sheet of fabric underneath the front cover the way you want it to sit in the end.
Trace the holes with a pencil.

Cut out the holes with a cutter.
Glue on the fabric the same way as you did in the back, watching out that the cut-outs are laid over the holes.

Let it dry.
Put a strip of the Masking Tape of your choice on the back of the file and write with a water-resistant pen whatever is supposed to be written on your file.
xoxo Anni

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